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Happy new year Prowl x Jazz fans! I hope you’re all recovering from Christmas and New Year celebrations and January is a smooth, month for you all. February however, is a time of celebration for many. This is where we are going to focus for our next prowlxjazz challenge! Challenge Particulars
  • First you must pick a festival from the list below. More information on each festival is available at the following link:(http://www.lonelyplanet.com/travel-tips-and-articles/76318).
  • Then you must pick a day you would like to post from the list below.
  • Each day has one prompt assigned to it.
  • The challenge is to create fic or arts using the festival you’ve chosen and the prompt for the day you have chosen to post.
  • You don’t have to restrict the festival you have chosen to Earth. You can adapt your chosen celebration to a more Cybertronian one. Some elements of the original must remain but you are free to use it as inspiration. Do research. Be creative! This allows you to go off world and put a more alien perspective on things if you so wish. ^_^
Additional fun: All entries must be submitted to me, your friendly neighbourhood moderator for posting (see rules for email). All entries will be posted anonymously on the chosen date and entered into the poll at the end of February. Community members will then vote for their favourites and the top three entries will win a prize! There will be two weeks of voting. Everybody will receive a participation banner. If you do not wish to be part of the voting then please say so when you claim your prompts. Don’t forget all entries are anonymous so everyone has a fair chance of winning.

Prizes: [personal profile] weeformer has once again offered to provide the prizes. This time they will be mugs that will have a collage of our beloved Prowl and Jazz on them. Pictures to come later. And because we love spoiling you lovely people; head mod [profile] vejiraziel may also contribute a super secret special prize for the challenge! ^_^

RULES Fic must be above 500 words. Please include the appropriate comm. header detailing: title, rating, warnings Email entries to: allthepj@gmail.com When emailing/sharing your fic/art please state your livejournal name in the email. No joint author fics (there will only be one prize per fic). You may choose two days to post but you must use the prompt for both days. Each day will have a slot for 2 people to claim. (Yes, two people can write different things for the same prompt. Magic!) All the prompts and claiming will be in the next post! :D


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